10 Reasons to Outsource School-based Therapy Services [Infographic]

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More students are requiring special education services than ever before. 

Is your school-based therapy program ready to meet the rising needs of your students?  Many districts struggle with both the increasing number of students requiring related services and the rising cost of providing those services.  Partnering with a provider of school-based therapy services may bring significant cost savings to the school and/or district, but what can sometimes be overlooked is the direct benefit to the students receiving therapy.

Family and teacher education, improving outcomes, better reporting, continuing education for therapists, and more efficient scheduling are just some of the potential benefits to working with an educational therapy company that specializes in the school setting.   Check out our infographic below for the Top 10 Reasons to Outsource School-Based Therapy!  Click here to download as a PDF.   



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STARS School Services

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Pre-K and K-12:

  • Direct therapy to children with disabilities (ages 3-21) as specified within the IEP
  • Consultative services and training for classroom/special education teachers and other implementers of students’ goals/objectives
  • OT/PT/ST screenings and evaluations
  • Participation in diagnostic evaluations/staffing and IEP meetings
  • Preparation of required reports/documentation of services
  • Consultation on assistive technology and equipment needs
  • Extended school year coverage
  • Homebound services (as needed)
  • Other therapy-related assistance to IEP committee/school district as needed


Effective Scheduling

STARS School Services uses an electronic system of time monitoring and therapist scheduling. The system is used throughout the STARS’ program and is monitored on-site and at our corporate offices. This system allows for the effective scheduling of student therapy sessions, IEP minutes and therapy personnel.



• Cost Savings
• Predictable Annual Cost


• Accountability
• Proven Service Delivery Model


• Monitored Productivity Standards
• Automated Systems


• Compliance
• Proven Trust